MoDuLaR is an ever-changing, modular furniture system. The system consists of three base elements – a wooden bar and plank and a carefully designed 3D printed joint. The joints are designed as jewellery for furniture and they serve as both a decorative and structural component of the system.

This design concept allows for customization and adaptability to different spaces and needs, making it a practical and versatile option for both residential and commercial interiors. MoDuLaR system enables participation of the consumer in the process of assembly, disassembly and reconfiguration of furniture pieces. Thus it encourages the creativity and increases awareness of beauty and the positive feeling of home.

The product is about joy, beauty, simplicity, a better experience, and a sustainable approach to furniture design and use.

* easy to assemble, no tools needed
* could be easily assembled and reassembled to a different composition
* rational and sustainable manufacturing process


project name: MoDuLaR
designer: Urska Sadar
manufacturer: Optimus3D
supported by WORTH Partnership Project and European Commission