Welcome to the guided mindful hearing meditation.

Thank you for becoming part of the Kalma experience designed for those in search of calm.


Beautiful and delicate Kalma Earrings function as a reminder to help you in times when anxiety, stress and the demands of daily life overwhelm you. The gentle sound of the moving metal sphere reminds you to pause and create space for more balance and harmony. Bringing mindful, compassionate and gentle attention to the experience opens space for wiser and calmer responding to life demands.



Welcome to the guided mindful hearing meditation.

Bringing your attention inwards. As best as you can acknowledging  any thoughts and emotions that are present. Consciously Taking in a deep full  breath.


Now, redirecting your attention to the Kalma Earrings. Gently moving your head to make the Kalma Earrings produce a sound. The sound is now your object of focus.


Noticing that the sound arises, stays for a while, and fades away. Noticing the qualities of the sounds. Is it soft or harsh, quiet, or loud? Long or short?


Giving your full attention to the sound of the earrings. Gently bringing awareness to the sensations of your head moving to produce the sound. Softening the face if possible. Softening and relaxing the shoulders and the neck area.


Now, when you are ready, letting go of the sound, Bringing your attention to your sense of smell.  Can you sense a fragrance? Let it sweep over you. Is the aroma Strong or mild? Or maybe there is no aroma at all.


And when you're ready, moving your attention to all the sensations in your body. Closing your eyes for a moment and acknowledging all that is here.


Moving the awareness to the breath as it moves in the body.  Breathing with your whole body. Gently bathing yourself in kind, compassionate awareness.


Expanding your awareness to your whole body and the space around your body. Opening your awareness to life as it is and the next moments of your day.


Now that you are familiar with the Kalma earrings, use it as a reminder to be mindful and practice the brief meditation you have just learned.


Throughout the day when you hear the little chime or sense an aroma coming from the earrings slow down your pace, take a deep breath and touch into calm. Now you have a new way of thinking and working with stress and anxiety in your life.






The Kalma project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.