Welcome to the guided mindful movement meditation

Thank you for becoming part of the Kalma experience designed for those in search of calm.


The carefully designed KALMA BRACELET can bring stability and greater balance into your life when you find yourself overwhelmed by anxiety, stress or unpleasant emotions or feelings. The bracelet can be used as a self-care tool to calm yourself, by engaging in a short and simple mindfulness meditation practice that can be easily incorporated into your daily life.




Welcome to the guided mindful movement meditation.

Beginning by taking a few deep breaths. Paying full attention to the sensations of breathing. Now bringing your attention to the bracelet. This is now your object of focus. Becoming aware of the sensations of the bracelet on your hand and wrist.. How does it feel on your skin? Does it feel warm or cold? Maybe there is no sensation at all. That is fine too. That is the experience of the moment. Does it feel light or heavy?


Moving the attention now and looking at the bracelet.. Examining it with gentle curiosity.


Exploring every part of it.


Notice the color,and shape, the contrast between the metal and the stone. Are there parts that are shiny or matte or transparent?


Paying full attention to seeing it.


Are there parts that are moving?


Turning your attention to the sense of touch. Becoming aware of the shapes and texture while you gently move the bracelet and stone between your fingers. Gently touching all sides of the object. Noticing the contrast between the metal structure and the smoothness of the moving stone. Gently turning the stone with your fingers. Paying full attention to the sensations of moving your fingers and to the movement of the stone. Gently engaging in this movement. Breathing with the movement. Noticing whatever can be felt.


And when you're ready, moving your attention to all the sensations in your body. Closing your eyes for a moment and acknowledging all that is here.


Moving the awareness to the breath as it moves in the body. Breathing with your whole body. Gently bathing yourself in kind, compassionate awareness.


Expanding your awareness to your whole body and the space around your body. Opening your awareness to life as it is and the next moments of your day.


Now that you are familiar with the Kalma Bracelet and its movement, try to use it as a reminder to touch into calm. Throughout the day when you find yourself in a stressful situation consciously touch the stone and repeat this brief meditation that you have just learned to ground yourself in the present moment.






The Kalma project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.