Black Flora Drops
Black Flora Drops
Black Flora Drops
Black Flora Drops

Black Flora Drops

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Flora Drops are inspired by the compelling forms of the blossom and tectonics of architectural arch. Sophisticated form of silver Flora delicately embraces the stones of positive energy and allows them to express their rich colour and shine. The sound of moving stone constantly reminds you to be aware of surroundings and encourages to embrace the positive influence of the crystal.

Hematite is a protective stone, helping to transform negative energies into more positive vibrations. It is said to be effective in healing pain, it also calms in times of stress or worry.

Please note that each crystal is unique, therefore they may vary in shape, colour and size.

Material: Sterling Silver and Black Hematite
Dimensions: length 2,5cm, width 1,5cm
Production time: this item is made to order therefore the production time is approximately 4-5 weeks

Designed in UK and made in EU.

As the structure is relatively thin and silver is known as soft metal jewellery is quite delicate. Note that non of our jewellery is plated, therefore it will become slightly darker throughout the time, this is due to a natural process of silver oxidation. To keep them in their best condition please take a good care of each piece.
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